Hey! I am a Software Engineering Undergraduate and recently, Completed my B.Tech in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology,Allahabad. I am passionate about Web Technologies, Computer Networking, Programming, Sports mainly Football and Action/Spiritual Movies and Motivational Shows.My professional interest includes Software Engineering,Computer Networking and Web Development.

I’m always looking to explore more and more. Learning and practicing new technologies makes me happy and motivated. In my free time, I do things that enriches my knowledge. I am really glad you visited my website. Have a look around and do leave a message.

Favorite Quotes –  

“Life is supposed to be Fun and we are supposed to be Creators.

If you are here, means you are ready to Create, to Love, have Peace and have more Fun. I welcome you on this journey to Lead, Create & Thrive because that’s how you intended to experience this planet…

Welcome Home!”

Deepak Anand